Alexandria's Vault was created by brothers Dan and Brandon who stumbled into the world of collecting fantasy art after years of seeing it in the games they loved.

Our mission is to expand the world of fantasy art collecting by:

  1. Sharing original research, thought pieces, and articles on collecting; and
  2. Easing some of the barriers to acquiring and starting your own collection by offering purchases with payments over time... or all at once!


A lifelong fan (i.e., some might say "geek") of board games, trading card games, and video games, Dan was searching for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) cards on eBay when he noticed a peculiar piece of original art for sale - something a discerning "geek" could appreciate.

"Woah," he thought, "Doesn't Wizards of the Coast own and keep all this artwork stashed deep in their cellars? Regular people can BUY and OWN some of the iconic images of cards they grew up playing?"

After a bit more rigorous research (i.e., "Googling"), he found a social media group of welcoming collectors. Like a good brother, Dan encouraged Brandon to join these groups as well!

For months, they watched the groups and became enthralled by the thoughtful and caring community they had fostered! Artists themselves would often post and share information about their work.

Collectors would help each other find original art and prints, even "grail pieces" - artworks searched for with the same fervor and vigor of the fabled "Holy Grail."  Some would even help raise funds for artists who needed medical or other help.

Amazed by the community they had "discovered," they decided to begin collecting things... and eventually as their collection grew, they realized they would need to sell some things as well.

So, we created the Vault of Alexandria as a platform for sharing our passion and interest in fantasy art and collectibles!

What's with the name?

A bit on our name: My brother and I grew up in South Carolina and with few exciting distractions in our small town, we were immediately drawn to all things fantasy... including Magic: the Gathering. (Though it took us a few years to properly learn the rules.)

Unbeknownst to us at the time, one of our favorite illustrators, the legendary Mark Poole lived only around 100 miles away from our town! 

Known for Ancestral Recall, Birds of Paradise, and many more, the art for Library of Alexandria always piqued our curiosity: Why the name? What knowledge, what spells, what aracana was turned into ashes?

Perhaps, we pondered, not all was lost... perhaps the designers of the great library had built some hidden chambers or compartments... perhaps there were artifacts of great power, still waiting to be found, that might have led the the world on an entirely different development trajectory!

Perhaps.. there was a Vault of Alexandria!

Though we can't say the artifacts in our Vault will necessarily change the trajectory of human history, we can say: They're pretty cool.

We hope you'll like some of the pieces we're curating as much as we do.